• What brands does Kruger Products sell?

    Kruger Products is the leading tissue manufacturer in Canada and serves the Canadian consumer market with a variety of well known brands, including Cashmere®, Purex®, SpongeTowels® and Scotties®', as well as Away From Home (AFH) brands for industrial and commercial use such as Embassy®, White Swan® and DaVinci®. Kruger Products also manufactures and markets White Cloud® bathroom and facial tissue products, which are sold exclusively through Wal-Mart in the United States.

  • Do you offer recycled paper products?

    Kruger Products offers a wide range of 100% recycled, EcoLogoM-certified products for consumers through its Cashmere® EnviroCare™ and Purex® EnviroCare™ bathroom tissue, SpongeTowels® EnviroCare™ paper towels and Scotties®’ EnviroCare™ facial tissue as well as its White Swan® family of bathroom tissue, paper towels, facial tissue and napkins. For away-from-home commercial customers, Kruger Products offers a wide range of Green Quality™, 100% recycled products from its White Swan, Embassy®, Esteem®, Purex and Mini-Max® brands. Each of these is EcoLogoM-certified as well.

  • Is the poly packaging you use in your products recyclable?

    Many of our consumer products are packaged in Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) film. It can be recycled where local facilities exist and has the number “4” as its recycling symbol.

  • How does Kruger Products protect the environment?

    Kruger Products takes great pride in its environmentally responsible approach to providing consumers with top quality products manufactured from third-party certified forests and/or recycled papers containing at least 88% post-consumer waste. We offer over 90 EcoLogoM third-party certified products. And we’re working hard to continue to reduce our environmental impact through our Sustainability 2015 initiative which focuses on a wide range of initiatives to attain specific reductions in energy and water consumption while reducing green house gas emissions, packaging materials and solid waste. Kruger Products is also a committed participant and funder of provincial recycling programs.

  • Where are Kruger Products tissue and paper products made?

    For the Canadian market, Kruger Products tissue and paper products are manufactured at mills located in Crabtree, Lennoxville and Hull, QC and New Westminster, BC.

  • Was Kruger Products formerly known as Scott Paper?

    Yes, Kruger Products was formerly known as Scott Paper Limited. In 1997, our parent company, Kruger Inc., purchased the assets of Scott Paper from Kimberly-Clark. The purchase included a ten-year licensing and trademark agreement for the Scott Paper name. We knew that we would ultimately have to change our name and, in 2004, began the process of doing so. Our new name – Kruger Products – was announced in October 2006 and completed a major, three-year rebranding initiative that created an entirely new and all-Canadian banner for some of Canada’s favourite tissue brands.

  • When and where was the first Scotties®' Tournament of Hearts      championship held?
    • The first Scotties®' Tournament of Hearts (formerly known as the Scott Tournament of Hearts) was held in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1982. For more information, please visit the Scotties®' Tournament of Hearts website by clicking here.

  • How long has Kruger Products supported the Canadian Breast Cancer      Foundation?

    Our Scotties brand has been a proud supporter of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation since 2005 and our Cashmere, Purex and SpongeTowels brands have supported the Foundation since 2006/07. Your purchases of these brands helps the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation fund innovative research that improves the quality of life for women and families affected by breast cancer. To learn more about our partnership, please click here. To learn more about the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, please visit cbcf.org.

  • Does Kruger Products do any testing on animals?

    No. We do not conduct any animal testing on any of our products.

  • To whom can I address questions about your company and your products?

    Please click here to go to our Contact Us section, which has detailed information on how to reach us.